Greg Northrup

President & CEO

Greg leads the company with more than 25 years of domestic and international energy development experience as a former executive of CMS Energy/Consumers Energy. He has a strong background in public policy having served as President of the West Michigan Strategic Alliance, a regional organization. Most recently, Greg spent 6 years as President of Sustainable Partners, a consulting firm he founded to help major energy users and organic waste producers lower their total costs by developing and financing anaerobic digestion and combined heat and power energy projects. Now as President & CEO of VERBIO North America, Greg leads strategic business development, sales, public relations, and legal affairs. Greg's educational background includes a BA (economics).


Rand Dueweke

Chief Financial Officer

Rand leads the company’s project development efforts and serves as the primary interface with the German parent company, selected U.S. engineering, construction and equipment partners, local utilities and regulatory agencies. As Chief Financial Officer, Rand is also responsible for data protection, financial oversight, human resources, information technology and risk management. Rand previously spent 6 years as Principal Strategist of Sustainable Partners working to develop and finance anaerobic digestion and combined heat and power energy projects. Rand’s academic background includes an MBA (finance), MS (cell and molecular biotechnology) and BA (chemistry).


Greg Faith

Plant Manager - Nevada Biorefinery

Greg leads the facility in Nevada, Iowa and is responsible for managing plant costs, reliability, quality and maintenance. Greg is an accomplished chemical engineer with 25 years of experience in agricultural processes in the areas of operations leadership, process engineering, project management, and product development. Greg has extensive background providing leadership and technical direction to teams in development and optimization of production plants utilizing numerous different unit operations. He is also experienced in providing leadership for startup up and operating green field and brown field facilities. He enjoys being part of a team and thrives in challenging work environments. Greg's educational background includes a BS (chemical engineering) and an MBA.

Greg Faith