History & Vision

VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG (VERBIO AG), with headquarters in Leipzig, Germany, is a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of biofuels to Germany and Europe. The company began producing biofuel in 2001 and today has over 550 employees producing biodiesel, bioethanol and biomethane (renewable natural gas), as well as feed, fertilizers and other by-products for the nutrition, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, all on an industrial scale at four production sites. VERBIO delivers its biofuel products directly to European oil corporations, oil traders, independent filling stations, haulage companies, public utilities and vehicle fleets.

In January 2018, VERBIO AG formed its US subsidiary, VERBIO North America Corporation (VNA), with headquarters in Michigan, USA. VNA plans to build, own, operate, and finance biofuel facilities across the United States and Canada.

VERBIO aims to be the leading biofuels supplier of the 21st century and believes that the future of mobility is green. Energy production from renewable resources will be a key component of the future energy mix and renewable resources have the potential to permanently replace fossil fuels.

VERBIO’s core values include:

  • Producing high-quality biofuels from raw materials which cannot be used for food production
  • Minimizing the carbon footprint of biofuels through production and logistical efficiencies
  • Forming partnerships with regional farmers to ensure sustainable farming practices
  • Fostering transparent relationships with employees, customers, government authorities, special interest groups, and the communities in which facilities are located
  • Aggressively and responsibly pursuing growth and innovation