Biogas (Renewable Natural Gas)

Renewable natural gas (RNG), also known as biogas or biomethane, can be used as transportation fuel in vehicles running on compressed or liquified natural gas.

RNG can be produced from various agricultural feedstocks, including non-food items such as livestock manure and straw.

Feedstock undergoes the process of anaerobic digestion in large tanks over the course of 20-60 days. During this process, raw biogas is produced comprising about 55% methane and 45% carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide and other impurities are removed through a biogas treatment process, leaving nearly pure biomethane gas which is chemically equivalent to fossil natural gas. This biomethane is then suitable for injection into the natural gas transmission or distribution grid.

VERBIO has developed a technology to produce RNG from pure cellulosic material, such as corn stover or wheat straw.

biomethane process